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Although born in Denmark, I have lived most of my life in Canada and my ability to read and write Danish is therefore rather weak. For this reason (and also because I know that most adult Danes are nowadays almost as comfortable communicating in English as in Danish), I shall submit my question in English.

Fortunately, I still have my original "Daabsattest," which was signed by Viggo Houmand, at Ordrup Kirke, in 1947. However, the document is, of course, entirely in Danish and I am now at that age when I might require a "CERTIFIED" ENGLISH translation. Because the process of obtaining such a translation will likely be somewhat time-consuming, this is something that I would like to have in place, as a "fait accompli," BEFORE the need actually arises. My question, therefore, is:

If it is possible to get it from a Danish source, HOW do I go about obtaining a CERTIFIED English translation of my baptismal certificate?

Grateful for your kind attention to this enquiry, I am

Sincerely yours,
Garrick de Demeter

Garrick Miklos de Demeter


Dear Garrick de Demeter,
Thank you for your mail to Netkirken.
From the day where your original Daabsattest was written to your parents back in 1947, a lot of development has taken place in our old Folkekirke. Any church in Denmark is now able to outprint a baptismal certificate legislated in English/Danish - and that is obviously what you want.
Procedure might be like this:
You contact your old church in Ordrup - you will find email adress and telephone number on the internet. The office will spend a few days on "verifying" you - which is the procedure of checking up on all information from the old church book and making sure that your data is correct on the internet church files!
OK, after that, the church will be able to outprint your certificate in English/Danish.
They will NOT send it directly to you, so when you contact the church, please have ready an official address to where they can send it. It might be a Danish embassy, a consulate or a church. After they sent it, you can pick up the certificate at the address you agree on,showing some identifacation papers.
This procedure is of course all to protect the users, in this case: you! - to make sure that the certificates always be delivered to the right person...
I hope this is of good help for you - I do think, though, that your new certificate probably will be signed by another pastor than Viggo Houmand!
All Gods blessings...
Signe Voldby, pastor in Folkekirken

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Signe Dorthe Voldby

Signe Dorthe Voldby, Præst


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